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worthydean said:
Thanks so much for your advice! I'm thinking about starting a Starship drawing later this week, and I was wondering if I could tag you in it when I post it so that you can see it? :)

Sure! Just tag nerdyturtly or brianholdenontothatcliff!

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worthydean said:
How do you draw so Disney-esque? I've been wanting to start drawing more Disney like and I just saw an old drawing of yours of Sweet Tooth from HMB and I LOVE your style!

Hello! I absolutely love disney movies and I’ve always drawn the characters since I was a kid. I have a pixar pedia and I would draw from that and I would just look up references from their coloring books, how to draw books, and stills from the movies. Just look up stuff and draw! eventually you will be able to draw your own characters with that disney inspiration. I hope this helps! 

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This is the card I made for my boyfriend’s birthday! His favorite animals are sharks so I drew him a really cute one

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And lastly, a Sherlock Valentine I made.

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A Valentine for my room mate Sam cause she is the Sam to my Dean

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i hate myself for drawing this 

you can blame my room mate for the caption on this one

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This is the Valentine I made for my boyfriend. He’s a Marine Biology major and even though he loves sharks, I really couldn’t think of any good shark puns so he got a whale

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Wah Hello friends!

I’m so so so so sorry that I haven’t been posting anything on here! It’s mostly cause I’ve been so busy with school that I really haven’t had the time to draw. 


I am no longer a forensics major! I switched to a double major in Biology and Psychology!

I’m in a relationship! 

aaaannnnnddd I plan on being on top of this more when I finish school for the summer. 

Thank you guys so much for sticking around!

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After seeing Frozen for the fourth time yesterday and making a ridiculous amount of rainbow loom bracelets I’m starting to get my inspiration back.

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"A Quick Doodle I did in Class"

"One Hour Speedpaint"

"My pen pressure was off when I drew this"


"Art is just a Hobby for me, I just do it in my freetime."

"I’m only 13 years old."

"I did this in Microsoft Paint."