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After seeing Frozen for the fourth time yesterday and making a ridiculous amount of rainbow loom bracelets I’m starting to get my inspiration back.

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"A Quick Doodle I did in Class"

"One Hour Speedpaint"

"My pen pressure was off when I drew this"


"Art is just a Hobby for me, I just do it in my freetime."

"I’m only 13 years old."

"I did this in Microsoft Paint."


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New Sherlock WIP

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So I did a thing I said I was going to do a while ago and drew Jeff Blim as Elsa cause of his tweets about frozen.
I’m definitely going to broaden the shoulders a bit but yaaaayy actual productivity cause I’ve had no inspiration all year.

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A quick WIP picture of what I’m doing for my dorm for the winter season. I just have to draw in Anna and then finish it I between studying for finals. Haha.

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Haha. I love drawing characters with ridiculous pissed off expressions. So here, have Dean Winchester.

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Playing around with my new pens and brush pen and oops David Tennant happened

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I made a sequel.

Too accurate. TOO ACCURATE.

This is actually my life.

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